Dine like Royalty at Ruby's:

Have you and your entourage developed a hunger after all the amazing adventures? Drop in and have a feast for royalty at Ruby’s Restaurant. You can order from the many delicious items on the menu or ask for fresh daily specials. If you wish for your guest to savor a full royal feast, arrange it early in the morning or the day before. Each bite will melt in your mouth, and staff will treat you like kings and queens. All fruits, vegetables, fish, and game are locally grown. The only items not locally made are the various alcohol and beers imported for your pleasure. You must try a few of the delicious mixed drinks offered, like the Nacpan Sunset, piña colada, and many more.

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Club Ruby Inn & Restaurant
Sitio. Calitang
Nacpan Beach, El Nido,
Palawan, Philippines